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This book offers proven strategies and a proactive approach to hiring, so you can find the perfect person for the job. With helpful exercises and real-life success stories, you'll be able to identify your ideal employee and make the best hire possible.

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About The Author

Andrea is a businesswoman with over three decades of experience. She's managed hundreds of employees and knows first-hand the everyday challenges of motivating a team, exceeding customer expectations, and meeting business and revenue goals.

As a business owner, she struggled with high turnover and a lack of good candidates. After some research into hiring best practices from around the world - including a lot of trial and error - she perfected a hiring process that gets results.

Now Andrea is using her experience to help companies recruit, hire, and onboard new team members successfully without wasting time or money on poor hires that don't work out.

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"Andrea Hoffer has put together a great resource for anyone looking to hire and retain a great team. "Hire Higher" takes you through a step-by-step process from determining what the ideal candidate for your open position looks like - through finding them, hiring them and onboarding them. Some great information in an easy to read book. Nice job, Andrea!"

- Jeff West

"Hiring is so hard right now. I need help & I love this book! It answered a ton of my questions and made me change some of my current processes and I am already seeing great results. Only thing was, I wanted to keep reading more but the book was over. I look forward to using the portal provided to continue improving."

- Mishely T

Frequently Asked Questions

A job description tells you about the job. It functions almost like a contract between the employer and the employee, and it mostly covers the outcomes that are expected and the tasks that will allow those outcomes to be met. It’s a dry and business-like document, but it is important because it lays out the expectations for the job. A job posting, on the other hand, is a piece of marketing.

This is the document that attempts to sell the job to a qualified applicant. It identifies the core values of the company. It describes the type of culture that you can expect. And perhaps most importantly, the job posting talks about the traits you are How to Attract Your Ideal Candidates So They Are Knocking Down Your Door u 35 looking for in an employee. Again, not just skills, but personal traits.

Indeed and LinkedIn are two of the top job boards to consider when sharing your job posting. We also recommend creating visuals around the ad and sharing it on social media. Don’t know how to create a visual job posting? Ask Us How.

Potential job seekers who are not actively looking are referred to as Passive Candidates. They are typically employed and often open to learning about a new opportunity if it comes along. There are many different ways to find the people to reach out to and methods to connect with them.

There are many different communication channels and tools that will allow one to connect with Passive Candidates, the most common tools are email, texting, cold calling, Linkedin Inmails, and direct messaging. Some tools that can be used to source passive candidates are: Linkedin, Facebook Groups, from your talent pipeline pool, sourcing software like HireEZ or SalesQL.

An effective way to write interview questions is to start most of the questions with the phrase, “Could you…?” This is less directive and helps the candidate feel like they have an element of control. It is also more conversational. The candidate will feel less like they are being told what to do and more like you want to get to know them.

It is subtle, but it works The goal is to learn about their specific experiences that may serve them well in the new position; find out how this person handled work challenges in the past; concrete examples of what they did in a particular situation.

Prior to the interview, think about the kinds of situations that have come up at the business regularly. Then, craft questions around it. For example, “Could you share a SPECIFIC EXAMPLE of a time you were asked to perform a task or accomplish a goal where the instructions you received were not clear?” This question may be a good one to ask if your work environment is a bit fast-paced and sometimes team members are asked to complete tasks without much direction.

Another example is, “Could you describe a SPECIFIC time when you were asked to complete a difficult task or project at work, and everything seemed against you?” This is a good question to get a feel for how proactive someone is and if they feel like they have control over their life or blame everyone else for their problems. These types of questions get to the heart of how this person will handle challenges when they come along.

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